Personal Preferences

Contents Curation service "My Media" offers analyze about personalized infromation and preferences based on personal history. Firstly, it parses users bio profile, and adds more knowledge as users' watching histories have been stakced by. It suggets not only similar movie titles and TV series, but also people who have similar preferences with the user. User might catch interesting movies by going through suggested people's view history

In addition, it suggests music and books, as well as the keywords mostly fit to the user. If user search movies with suggested keywords, search matching rate will be higher than ever

Contents Info Visualization

This vertical timeline based page is showing the community users' activities including review postings, mentions, and "like"s, as well as basic informations visualized in neat way.

The server goes through all the postings, gathers and stacks emotional words that represent the review about the contents according to the self-evolutionary based dictionary; sad, funny, good music, remind, longing, etc. Machine learning based word analyzer separates negative and positive words, and shows tag clouds in accordance with the frequency of words shown at the community users' activities.

Featured Contents Curation

Just like a curator of an Art gallery, My Media picks up mostly famous movie titles and TV series every week. However, compared with other ranking services like rotten tomatoes, the ranking is not only based on the rating, also based on the number of comments of postings that users posted, the number of kudos among audiance's social network mentions, and etc.

By implementing the emotional words dicionary and by applying this unique criterion, contents lovers might remind old movies, or settle down newly launched TV series.

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