Tactile Pictures Book

Tactile storybooks Home DIY project is originally initiated to give opportunity for parents of visually impared children to create tangible books by themselves. Even though there are some substitution of texts for education purpose, such as braille or voice translation, those methods are not sufficient to give blind children intuitive and direct concept about the object or texts, that are originally explain.

The ultimate purpose of Tactile storybooks project is developing the tactile storybook design software, in order to give capability for parents to design and print tangible pictures, by investigating scientific, technical, and cognitive factors might affect on creating tactile storybook.

More information can be found at the Tactile Picture Books Project page.

There might be lots of options for making tactile pictures that parents can choose to create tangible features. Creating a tactile pictures book can be separated into several step; (1) choose a book, (2) choose a picture, (3) load a picture into a computer, (4) select a picture element to translate, (5) select a suitable tactile model to represent the selected picture element, (6) re-arrange the elements, (7) choose an appropriate scaling factor, (8) preview a tactile picture, and (9) send a tactile picture to a 3D printer.

According to step 5, we give several options to allow parents to select a suitable tactile representation. We examine diverse possibilities to give them various options, to separate categories of pictures according to their characteristics, and to test which representation is the best fitting method for some specific elements of a tactile storybook. It leads parents to choose the best option when they create a tactile storybook for their young kids.


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