Craft & Tinkering

Music Visualization
A prototype of music visualization system that captures and records the music component into digital data form, and then displays the data in visual form for children with hearing impairments. The analog sound data of music played physically is scaled into a binary matrix and scalar values that is then used as data structures for transcribing the output. We designed a system detecting tune and speed from a physical violin, and demonstrated three tangible music visualizations that children see in their daily lives, employing a flowerpot, plants and a picture of frame to be used in music education for children with hearing impairments. ( IDC'15 )
Interactive Diorama
This tactile diorama was designed for educational purposes so that younger generations can experience a more hands on approach to learning, with Arduino, 3D printer, laser cutter, and lots of circuit elements, inlcuding shape memory alloy, etc. In this project, I show the history of electricity through three scenes.
The first scene shows legendary tale of Benjamin Franklin using a kite in order to decipher the characteristics of electricity and where it is found in nature, The second scene shows Thomas Edison and his trials to create a light bulb, and the last scene shows the city of Paris, in all its illuminated glory.

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Automated Automaton
Using an Arduino, a simple photo resistor, stepper motor, and planar cranks, I recreate mythological pair as elegant figurines that dance according to their divine preference. Apollo, ever dazzling, dances in the light of day, while Artemis, forever fierce, dances in the shadow of night.
A half-opaque, half-transparent acrylic rotates at the top to the model, creating a varying input of light for the photo resistor housed on the back of the eagle. Movements of figurines are able to be various based up of types of cranks inserted into them that changes the torque of stepping motor.

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Hand Crafted Circuits
As a Christmas has come, interactive christmas cards and ornaments were created, using conductive paint, small baterrys, various colors and size of LEDs. If user open the cards and close a switch inside the cards, the battery power is connected to the simple circuit, so that LEDs are lighting up, or blinking.
Sewn Circuits
This lighting bracelet, collaborating with Tinkering Studio, is made to conduct educational experiments for children. Children will experiment with building different kinds of circuits using a battery, LEDs, and conductive thread. Not only this LED bracelet, A bunch of examples of LED embedded Holloween Jack O lanturn, LED hats, LED pouch, and scribbling machines were created as results of the project. by placing batteries and snaps as a switch of a closed circuit, and different colors, sizes fo LEDs.

By testing and manipulating these components, children can develop a more intuitive sense of how electricity flows through a circuit.
Laser Cutting
To advertise myself and my research, I prepared a bunch of business cards for those who are interested in our project, AND a souvenir for friends.
Combining raster engraving and cutting to present texture patterns by different settings of speed, power, laser cutter is a great fabrication technique to present "tactile" experience for non-visual users, even if the final design is also visually compelling for sighted people.
Creased paper is the best material for blooming blossoms in hand. I explorer open-ended materials and methods to package present that fits to time, person, and occasion. This is a hobby project to expand hands on skill boundary.
Spatial Circuit
We combine current printing techniques over materials, and dimension. The circuit takes spatial interaction, such as spinning, flipping, pushing and pulling, and actuate circuits. This is a Works-in-Progress.